Saturday, September 8, 2012

Growth of an Artist

A lot has changed since my last post. We have moved to a new city and blessed due to it. Over the last year many things have changed with my art. I cant believe that I have not posted in almost a year. I really need to fix that. I have so much to share and hope to start teaching you how to create you own originals. Also another blessing that God has put into my life is , teaching. I do not have a schedule yet but soon I will be teaching classes for children and young adults at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts. I am very excited about that, I love to see children learn that they have and artist within.

Over the past year my art has grown in photography and web design. But I cant get away from the fine arts. I love working with my hands. Soon I will be bringing you a new blog post called the inspiration of an artist that will take it from start to finish and a teaching blog. My teaching is not conventional , I am about teaching you to think outside the box so that your style is revealed.  

I wanted to share with some of the few things that I have been doing over the past few months. Being new to the Longview & Tyler Texas area I am stating to create my photography style for this area. Here are some of my recent works of photography and graphics. Photography is truly rewarding to me. Being able to offer a moment in time with an artistic flare. Make a statement and a message with photography. You are an original , so I create your photography to be original. I am continually amazed at how God teaches me new things quickly.

These are from a recent Senior Shoot in Longview Texas. I am expanding in the photography field and graphics., Combining the two gives customers photography that is more than average.

Recent graphics that I was asked to design for Coffey Anderson Event. That is a blessing to me to have the opportunity to design for this up and coming music artist. 

These are not the only graphics I have been working on this summer. I really like unique t-shirt graphics as well. When I notice a need for some graphics in an area I start creating my own. One of the things I notice is many youth groups don't have very good graphics so I started creating a unique style. If you are interested in these let me know. I can create custom graphics for your group of any age. Pre-teens, Youth, College and Adult groups. You can find some of my graphics on two sites I sell on. This is a new area for me so I am slowly adding new things to the stores. If you are wanting something special let me know, If you have a large order I can do that as well and create a custom price and order on these sites. Here are some of the recent t-shirt graphics I have been working on this summer. I have also started creating custom sports Tees for the Spring Hill, and Pine Tree Schools doe to the lack of creativity in the Longview Area. If you have a team that you need a design for let me know and I will create it in my store or for you to sell for a fundraiser. 

These can be purchased through my Zazzle store which has a lot of my designs

But I also added a new sit that has more T-shirts and is new, so I am building. The prices here are better then Zazzle for T-Shirts.

There has been many photography projects this summer and I have enjoyed them all. Early this summer a New Dentist office in Emory, Tx had a contemporary design they wanted to implement in the office. This is going to look great.  The office is not finished just yet and I will up date with the final photos when they come. The designer has a great eye for design, She has a amazing gift for design. This office will be featured in an up coming magazine and is almost like an art galley and filled with all of my work. I took photography of the town and did some major editing of the pics , they were ten turned into murals and large canvases. Cant wait to show you it all together. The office should open soon. Possibly be end of September 2012.When I think back just two years ago I was only creating fine art. Over the past two years God has expanded my territory to Photography, Graphics, Web Design and location. I am blessed !! 

 I liked these so well I created these into postcards, stamps and canvases through my Zazzle shop. or

  Small Peak of the process.

To all of my fine art fans and friends. I am still creating fine arts and this is changing as well. I had not done this in a while and forgot how much I loved doing this. I learn alot during the creations I make. Here is a few that I created recently. I will creating more as well. The red one will be posted soon on Etsy. I just finished this last week. 

I will be updating more and adding some teaching blogs. Many people think they have no creative ability. But the truth is they have been chained in their creativity. I hope you enjoy some of the new things I have been creating. If you are interested in getting photography, graphics or fine art contact me. If you have any questions about anything or pricing let me know.