Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You the Artist!! Creating a Heart Felt Gift!!

OK, I just looked at the date of my last post, and it has been way to long. I have more free time at the moment and will be posting more often. Blessed to have more time to share with you what inspires me and how an artist is inspired. First off, God is my inspiration and we are created in His image so I believe we all have the gift of art and creativity. But some need a little assistance and guidance. SO, from time to time I will be posting on how to create pieces that inspire others and yourself. This piece I am showing you today is about the Proverbs 31 Woman and part of the Proverbs 31 Series I create. In the future I will show you about children as well.

Another thing that is coming is the eye of an artist.It really amazes me how God inspires things with in me out of the smallest thing. I will be showing the process of this. Out of the corner of my eye I will see something and it will take shape. This is the process that I will be sharing, how one small thing takes shape into another. This is cool how a physical object can teach a spiritual truth. For an artist this is a learning process (Or it is for this artist).  The complexity of God amazes me, He shows me things through the art and the world and transforms things within me. Hope this will inspire or plant seed with in you.

Today ,I want to share with you how to create and original piece of art that speaks. I love art that speaks and has a message. Many in this season want to give something special, and many this season already have anything you can buy. You can use the special things of the past to create a spoken piece of art. You are creative so stop saying your not. You can go beyond the bounds of what I will teach you here and create your own message in the art. After all you are created in the image of God , so you have the ability to create.There is no coloring in the lines when you are creating and everything can be fixed. If you ever get in a bind and need some help, just message me and we will figure it out. 
And remember if you mess up , it will look better the 2nd time anyway, you can never really mess-up. It is always fixable. But if you are worried about messing up, use copies of the originals and as you grow in this you can use the originals.

The piece today is based off of the Proverbs 31 Series that I create. There are special people that God has placed in your life that have great meaning and have been amazing mentors.  So show them how specail they are in your eyes and the eyes of God. Creating a piece like this could inspire your mother, grandmother, sister, friend or a mentor in your life. You do not have to use things that are from that persons past but can also create a story for that person.

This is great in small forms also and can be used on desk top easels. I create these also custom if you are not interested in creating one yourself. Digital Forms are also available.

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Here is what you Need:
(Also Print Special Verses or Memos & Place them with in the Piece for Special Messages to the Person)

*Canvas (any Size)
*Modge Podge (Matte Finish)
*Paint Brush (Cheap l inch foam brush)
*Black Paint ( Matte)
*Matte Finish Protective Spray (UV SPRAY FOR THOSE USING ORIGINALS)
*Fine Sand Paper

*Photo Stain (colored ink pads will work)

*Old Bible(Goodwill has these) - Don't get all religious on me for using these in my work,the word of God does not return void, so putting this in these piece could impact a day in someones life. If you feel conviction about using it, just don't. 

*Old photos from the Past ( you can scan these if you do not want to use the originals)

*Old Documents ( Wedding Certificates, Letters, Music, Book Pages, Art anything that is just laying on the old boxes and not being used - that kind of stuff)

Here is what You are Creating



I really enjoy working with old things and bringing them back to life so use the old stuff that is old and dusty in the box and there is no fear here. We were not given the spirit of fear, but give Love , Power and and Sound Mind. So lets go create!

1. Start by painting all of the sides with black paint. (YOU CAN ALSO JUST WRAP THE PAPER AROUND THE EDGES ,INSTEAD OF PAINTING,SKIP TO #2 ) Just the sides no need to paint the entire canvas unless you will be leaving spots that will show through and do not will the entire canvas.
Let completely dry before starting to work with photos or paper.

2. Collect all of the photos and documents you want to use. This is were I use the ink on the edges of the photos and paper. This gives it an aged look if you are not using originals. You can add the colored inks if you will be adding color to the piece. Just remember balance of the assemblage. Balance in art is when the eye sees the piece as a whole and your eye will follow the piece through the entirety and not just look at one spot. If you are using the originals you may not need to add ink to the edges. Some of the pieces in this canvas are very old and are aged already. I like it a little bolder so I really aged the copied photos.

3. Arrange them on the canvas to see what is pleasing to the eye.You can layer until you get the layout you are looking for and are pleased with. When putting these on the canvas be sure to have balance. You want you eye to be attracted to the canvas as a whole and not just one side or the middle.

4. After the pieces are arranged. Time to use your Modge Podge. I usually start at the bottom right corner and work my way out and up for gluing. Line your paper up with the edges so there is less work at the end. I try to not let big pieces hang off the edges. (YOU MAY ALSO WRAP THE SIDES WITH THE PAPER AND FOLD ONTO THE BACK OF THE CANVAS INSTEAD OF HAVING PAINTED SIDES.)
Take each piece off at a time and slather the back of the paper with glue and place the paper back on the canvas. BE careful when using old paper, it is delicate. Start at one end of the paper and smooth it out to the other end gently to remove the air bubbles. You can wipe off any extra glue with a damp paper towel. Then redue this step over and over until the canvas is completly glued.

5. Adding the photos. Once you have completed your collage of the documents you can add your photos on top unless you choose to add these with in the collage and overlay pieces on some of them. You may have to hold the older photos for a minute to get then to adhere to the canvas. They are stiff and it may take a minute for the edges to lay flat. Don't worry about getting Modge Podge on the Photos, we will put a small layer over the top at the end to give it a smooth finish.

6. Let dry for about 24 hours. Place a small layer of Modge Podge over the surface of the entire piece. Go in several directions with the brush using a crossing pattern. Let dry completely.

7. Edges - if your edges are not smooth take the sand paper and file the paper off a the edges of the  canvas. Dust it off. 

8. You have three choices for the edging. You can touch up the black so that it neat or you can use your ink to add depth to the edges and make to the piece look uniform. And also for those who chose to wrap the pieces completely around the edges you can just leave it alone.

9. Let dry Completely. Spray with Matte Protective Finish (OUTSIDE). If you are using the originals make sure you spray with a UV protector spray so that the Photos and Documents have protection. A thin layer or two will do. Make sure you keep the spray can moving , you would hate to get drips on all you hard work. Let each layer dry between coats.

YOU ARE DONE!!! Step back and take a look at what you created. The best part is seeing the face of the person you created this for. I also like to print little verses or messages and put them into the piece. That way are they look at it they have a personalized message from me or a verse that is special. This is a gift that is better than anything you could ever buy!!

Cant wait to see your creations and here your stories!!