Monday, October 17, 2011

New Things Coming!!!

 Wanted to share some of the recent photography shots I have done and share a few new things with you. Recently I was asked by my mother in law to illustrate a book for her. I agreed and will be sending off the illustrations this week. The book is a small little children's book but the work of illustrating inspired something with in. I have been praying for a while now about what God shared with me , just to make sure I am on the right path. 

The seed that was planted in my heart through the illustrating process was to write a book or a series of books. I thought really God, me? I am really overwhelmed with joy about this journey. Also really excited about the little lives it could speak into and getting to create the artwork for the book as well. The art work will be collage work and have spiritual meaning in it. The book that was laid on my heart could plant amazing little seeds in lives and bless many. So I am starting on this journey and allowing God to lead and open doors for things to happen. I want the Lord to completely speak through me and inspire me so that the words spoke in these books will be rooted into hearts, minds and eyes. Not going to share just yet what this series is about and the title is still not ready but excited that God has chosen me for this.  God has already lined some things up before the process has even started and very blessed for His provision. Cant wait to show you the story and the art and pray that it blesses the hearts and minds of all the little girls and mothers who read the series. 

Other than that I have been working on some photography, web design, Proverbs 31series and t-shirts too. Just wanted to show some of my recent photography, to you. I will be keeping you posted on new things to come and all the blessings God has.

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