Monday, September 26, 2011

New Things Inspired

God has lead me into and trained me to create web design. I really , really enjoy this and thankful for this gift. We are a visual world and there is so much we can communicate through visuals. I started working with web design about 2 years ago and dabbled here and there with it. But over the years people keep suggesting it to me. SO, I have just learned a little more over the years, no school all taught by God.

So about 4 months ago some really rough times hit for our family, leading me to stretch a little to bring in more for our family. Again through this time, a friend suggested to me why not web design. I thought about it and prayed about it. The next thing that happened was getting all my informational material together and going and speaking to others about creating a page for their company. God is amazing and blessed me with my first full paying customer. I have created one page before, but it was for friends so I really don't consider it to be my first. God is faithful!!! On of the customers I spoke with decided they wanted to create a page for their business. I wanted to show you some of the web sites I have designed and all taught by God. He amazes me with the knowledge and wisdom He gives his people. So much has changed since the first time God shared with me the path He created for me. The great thing is it  is still growing and transforming. I am in the process of illustrating my first children's book and writing and illustrating a children's book of my own. Just wanted to share the new web pages I have created with you, all inspired by God. Will keep you posted with all the new things God gives me and inspires me to create. Thanks for all your encouragement and support.