Saturday, July 16, 2011

How Things Have Changed

WOW! I did not even realize it had been so long since I have blogged. I have so much to show and tell you. Over the past year God has taught me a lot of new things an stretched my thinking to. When God started to inspire me to create like never before everything was so small as far as my thinking. I pretty much put boundaries on God and how the work He created through me was to be formed and used. I have realized that this 6 year journey has been to get me to this point. Over the past 9 months my art has expanded into graphics and web design. I use to think that I would create a piece and it could speak to someones heart just by hanging in a home. But God is far bigger than that. One is great to God, so don't get me wrong but 100 million is a drop in the bucket with God and His heart desires to save the world. So how could my art that He inspires through me reach more? The web!

In the past 9 months the things I have learned are from God,
No training, no school just supernaturally taught. I am still earning not to put God in a box. What I mean by that is there are not bounds and God wants and desires to speak to a walks of life. So some may look at some of my work and say that's not Christian and that's OK, that piece was not created for that person it will speak to someone else that it was meant for.

Over the past 9 months I have started working with Photoshop and also learning how to design web pages. I stated my own store on line though a print company and selling my digital art in Tees and gifts. I called my store Spark Art - Salty Tees. 

Salty Tees is more than just graphic design it has my original art turned into gifts. I also create custom graphics by request through Zazzle and soon will be creating School themed graphics as well.

As for web design , I never realized I would enjoy this so much. This gives me so much creativity and possibility's. I am just starting and will be adding more customers as I complete the work. Here is some examples of my recent work. The bottom line is God is the source of my knowledge, creativity and wisdom. Here are some examples of my recent web sites.

As I started to play with Photoshop I discovered another thing to be creative. Photography was an old friend that I had forgotten and found again.  Forgot how fun it was. Here are a few of the pieces that I created with my photography.

As for original works, a new series has been in the works. I have been inspired to create the Proverbs 31 Series. This is a verse that speaks to all woman, she is a mother, wife, friend , sister, neighbor and mentor. She is White, Black, Indian, Asian and crosses all borders. This series is created with vintage photos and ephemera . I also customize this series using old documents and photos of family members that are the Proverbs 31 Woman in our lives. Here are a few examples.

      This one is created for the Proverbs 31 Teachers in our lives. All of these are hand made original     works of art.

Just wanted to share. More to come. New ideas and inspirations.