Saturday, November 21, 2009

Battle Revealed

Great visual for us: was working on an infected computer last week at work. Took 6 hours, and very exhausting. We can be infected the same way as computers. Walk with me for a minute, this is the mind of an artist, as I put a picture to things and help others and myself understand how spiritual things work and how we are blinded spiritually. The visions I see are sometimes hard to translate to others this is the reasoning behind the pictures that God gives me, to help other relate. I am very analytical this is just how my brain works , I am dyslexic and not taught to learn in the conventional way so God trained me , with pictures. I was not even diagnosed until collage. This is the only way I made it though school, every word has a picture ,in my mind understand with pictures except word like(and , to, the and so on). It is a little different for some but is very helpful for me and other visual learners. It is long but I found it very eye opening to me and neat.
What am I downloading in my mind and life? Every choice counts. I really want to hear your feedback on this, if you agree or disagree let me know I love to talk about God. I find God so amazing how he speaks to me in every way and so intensely.
As I was working on the computer I became uneasy about the infection of the virus and how it manifested in the computer. I got worse very quickly. There were warnings and signs red flashing lights all kinds of indications that there was a very serious problem in the way the computer was functioning. The computer was giving me warning signs but after I ran the scans the computer said that everything’s was fine and no problems found. This was like a bandage on a festering wound. But there was a deep root that would grow again. I ran everything I could with Norton , things would be good for a while and it would come back and worse.
So I walked through the live chat process with Norton to get the viruses, spy ware and all the other goodies that had downloaded on the computer. One of the things that bothered me was that the service was paid for and was suppose to offer protection from invasion of viruses and harmful things to the computer. Every year a fee is paid for a service for protection. So I asked why is it we have to pay for additional service to have theses removed when we have paid for the service. Why is your product not working like it is suppose to. After going round and round with him to get the answer , I finally received and answer/epiphany. I asked so many questions of why, I know this guy was pissed. I even had a supervisor call me , but he had the same generic answers. That to me was like going to the typical country club religious church. The preacher will read from the bible but has no relationship with God and is just passing on what he learned a seminary, not revealing who God is and giving the freshness that God is. I kept getting a generic answer, like something he pulled of the chart and cut and pasted it to the screen. At one point I said , will you please answer me Yes of No. Still, got the same generic answerer. This is so amazing what I learned. Being that I am a visual learner this was amazing to me. I know how the spiritual works in some areas but for me this took it to a different level of understanding for me. There are battles that I see on others and see spiritually how and were they are being attacked but when it comes to me there is some blindness in certain areas. That I really don’t like at all, I really want to get rid of some trash in my life. The amazing thing about this is I was just talking to my spiritual father the other day and we were talking of the same thing but not with computers. SO over the past few days I have prayed God reveal the blindness in my life let me see how I am being attacked and allowing things in. So God answered me in the way He know I would understand. This conversation was like a huge instant download from God but it was all there to retrieve instantly. I could go into this information and take it apart and put it back together , it was all their. The questions I have been asking we revealed though an exhausting 6 hour computer experience. I hope I get it all to you. If I am suppose to share more I will post more blogs but this is what I am suppose to share now. There is major amounts of things I learned .WOW!!!
Ok here goes. Here is what the man said: Here is why Norton does not work for you with these infections. Though you have paid for a service you have not listened to the instructions . At some point in time you have given authority and entrance of programs into your computer. When you were searching, you where given and option to allow entrance in the computer by download. You may have thought that it was just something simple but what you downloaded had more than you realized in the download. If you downloaded it , you gave it authority in your computer now it has right to be there and it has attached it’s self and hidden in the computer. You agreed that is suppose to be there by giving permission to come in ,so Norton does not override it, because you have agreed to let it stay. Now that it is in your computer it is spreading to other areas and causing damage. It has now deep in you computer causing other problems that are different from the first it started . Now when you run Norton it does not see them because they are a part of your computer even though they are harmful and cause many problems. So the extra price is paying me(Norton Tech.) to come in take out the hidden files. We know what is suppose to be in your computer and what is not. So we can go through your computer and reveal and remove the things that are destroying your computer. Without this service your computer will get worse and crash. The longer you wait the worst it gets and the longer it takes at times to restore. So the tech. asked if we wanted the additional service and if he could take control of the computer to remove the infections. He said at any time I could stop him if I wanted and could take back control. This is just like Jesus giving His life, we can choose to accept Him and He will cover us. We can also choose the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide our lives and walk in the Spirit but we can also take control back.
You may think this is odd but let me show you the spiritual side of this conversation. We are spiritual beings or we are suppose to be. Many times our flesh gets in the way and creates harmful mind sets for us some times we listen to suggestive thoughts created by Satan or the flesh. If we operate in the flesh more than in the spirit this is when habits and harmful mindsets are created. Kind of like the viruses or spy ware are created in the computer. As we operate in the flesh and outside of God’s word and knowledge , we are subject to lies created by Satan , our flesh and others. Also when you operate outside of God’s word and wisdom you are now subject to lies because you do not know the truth. Kind if like when downloads are made to the computer , you think they are not harmful but there is much more that you did not bargain for in the file. A harmful file can carry many hidden viruses and infections. This computer at work was accessed by many people so it was subject to what many people needed. Be careful who you subject yourself to and who’s authority you are under, you will be subject to it. Just be careful who your friends are. The things we allow in our lives are things like temptations , lust, greed, gossip, slumber , stupidity, religious mindsets, strife and so on. I will let you break it down for your life. So as you subject yourself to these things even a little you are agreeing with them and so these lies have access to you and will root and grow as you repeat them(water them) creating habits and strongholds. If you don’t know the truth how do you know a lie? So you are subject to the Satan, flesh and what ever the world throws at you.
The Norton service it the same as Jesus paying for our sins we are covered and God loves us and we are perfect before the eyes of God. It is a done deal, signed and paid in full. But we have been given the Holy Spirit to help, and the words of God to follow and the free will. God always works for us ,ALWAYS! But if you choose to not follow and learn the word of God , don’t listen the Holy Spirit then you fall subject to viruses, doubt, unbelief, demonic spirits, strongholds, depression, marriage problems, financial problems, eating disorders, strife, addictions, anger, fears, lust , religion, stupidity, blindness and all those things that follow from operating outside Godly principles and the word of God.
As these things take root in our lives they spread , everyone knows how intricate roots can be. It takes a while to trace a root back to the base of the plant. But the amazing thing is that God reveals the lies that we have believed. Like the Tech. Guy knew what was not suppose to be in the computer. God knows what is not to be in our hearts and minds. As we are careful to put what goes in our minds, even music the lies will be revealed. If you don’t know the truth how do you know a lie? Satan is the author of lies and if he can hit our minds then it can cause spiritual trouble. Satan loves to create confusion, depression, fear, anger and so on to get you infected with viruses/strongholds. With the viruses you loose the focuses and do not download the word of God in you heart and mind because you are on overload. God gives us authority on earth and gives us free will. So we really do get to choose this day who we serve or what we serve. If you are choosing to repeat the things that are causing trouble in you life then why would God override our free will, ultimately we are the ones choosing to put strife in our home or church or adding ungodly choices to our lives. At the end of the day we are the ones that choose to put harmful things in our body or overeat. At the end of the day we are the ones to lust, gossip or be greedy. So we give authority to that vice in your life. Like giving authority to a download that may have seemed harmless, like a little gossip may be harmless or little harmful words in anger, or an extra piece of pie, or religious mindsets passed out like fliers for a circus. I am in no way saying that God does no heal instantaneously I completely believe in that and experienced it. But there are other things in out lives that God wants us to walk though to become closer to Him, it gives us added wisdom in the battles and added wisdom for others in need.. The thing is, it does get hard sometimes this is when we are learn more of His word and stand in the battle. As we pray in the spirit , read God’s word and spend time in worship God reveals the lies we have believed and breaks those lies with the truth. THANK YOU GOD!!
But have you ever wondered why you keep going to God with the same issue and you still are dealing with the issue? Get real now, don’t be a religious fake. Are we just putting bandages on the wound and getting a little relief then walking in the old ways. Then to circle the wagon again to repeat the same process. Allowing God to change the wound ,clean you up , bandage you ,wanting the whole time for us sit and rest allowing Him to completely heal you. But as soon as you feel the relief He offers ,you say: thanks God I got it from here. If we continue to learn we will be able to see the attacks as they come and deny the download of the lies coming at out lives. God knows everything we do and think, He knows what is not suppose to be in us so He is the only one that can remove the treats/sin/habits in our lives. They are sometimes masked and rooted in a different issue due to sin. God can reveal the root of it all an remove it but if you get the relief and go back to your old ways the process with be repeated. We have to know the truth from the word of God. We get a choice every time we face an issue, every time. Ask God to reveal the issues that are causing viruses in our lives so that we are no longer blind to them. If you don’t know your enemy and his form of fighting how will you win the battle? The word of God will give you the truth and battle tactics, so that you will know your enemy and his fighting style. At the end of the conversation with the computer tech. he said I will give you security tips to keep you safe so that this can be avoided in the future make sure you post them. This is the same thing that God has done for us, He gave us the word of God to post on our hearts so we can fight the battle and see the enemy.